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Tragedia na Przełęczy Diatłowa (1/2 luty 1959 r.)

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Napisano 09 luty 2018 - 23:03

The position of the tent.


The supporting skis was found upright, but strange one of the skis are in the wrong position.


Supporting skis should be on both sides of the tent with rope to support the center of the tent.


The entrance is still showing, Sharavin said most of there things as near the entrance half blocking the exist.


Urine was found on the snow near the tent, its mentioned two hikers went out urinating.


This means the entrance wasn't blocked while this happened so as to get back in the tent, most of there things must have been put there when the two got back in the tent.


Slobstov said caps and a scarf was on the slope a flashlight found further down the slope on the third ridge or ledge.


ln the diagram this is how the flashlight was found wedge between snow and canvas on the tent.


Cut skipole at the back, its Sharavin who mentions more broken skipoles was found at the back of the tent along with the three cut pieces of skipole.


lgor's fur jacket was stuff in the damage hole of the tent.


Two pairs of slippers was found on the slope.


Snow must have fallen, through the weeks.


lcepick probably belong to Doroshenko, reason he asked for one back at Upi...


The one ski should be on opposite sides not one at the back position.


They dragged the tent sheet away from the hikers things, most of the skis was used for a foundation on the ground...







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Napisano 12 luty 2018 - 21:51


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Napisano 15 luty 2018 - 21:24

Trousers and a jumper was found near the branches which was broken near the cedar tree further at the back of the cedar tree.


Slobstov said they belonged to Krivonischenko...



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Napisano 18 luty 2018 - 21:21

These photos of the cedar tree, and Krivonischenko laying silently.


They took Doroshenko's body away and left Krivonischenko for over a day, just lying there.


The fire is behind the cedar the direction of the winds came from behind the cedar.


The area is more of a large valley.


Using snowdrift to build up down in the ravine.


A thin layer of snow covered Krivonischenko and Doroshenko, reason for Sharavin to say a blanket, meaning they was covered in a blanket of snow, there was also a bottle found near one singed log near the cedar.


Some new researchers have put it that there could be a possible ski track behind Doroshenko and Krivonischenko making it possible for a third person to be there...















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Napisano 18 luty 2018 - 21:30

These are interested...


The cedar tree where they found Doroshenko and Krivonischenko.


Some close ups of broken branches, its said they found tissue on the branches belonging to Krivonischenko.


These branches would have been thinner in the 50's.















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Napisano 18 luty 2018 - 21:36

The area is where the group stopped on the 30th to the morning of the 1st February.


Investigators and Kurikov the head Mansi as unearthed the storage.


A extra ski marked the storage in the ground, in reason years experience hikers are amazed.


Why the hikers put there food and items in the ground... did they suspect someone would find the storage in time?


Unusual, if stored its always in the tree's, so wolve can't find the food...


Slobstov and Kurikov looked concerned...









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Napisano 21 luty 2018 - 20:51




Begining of the Search.
The confusion.
The photo above is showing Ural Polytechnic Institute, a photo recovered from Dyatlov hikers camera.
Smoke from heating coal is filling up the sky.
The mood in UPI is foreboding.
The awareness that Dyatlov group was missing was marked by three incidents – only the first links of a long chain of misunderstandings and coincidences which we don’t call cover up.
At least not yet.
There was confusion.
By February 21 UPI was buzzing like a hornets nest.
Hikers families were worried sick and demanded search operations to start immediately.
Students were bursting with desire to help their friends.
The head of UPI sports club was not answering his phone, not because he was busy doing something, but because he was not aware of the situation.
Here are the three facts contributing to the confusion:
  1. Yudin was supposed to relate the fact that the return date is postponed from 12 to 15 of February. This on its own is not a big delay, but the problem is that he told this to a member of Blinov bureau which on its own is a bad coincidence because Blinov group was in the same region at the same time as Dyatlov group.
  2. So when UPI sports club chairman Lev Semenovich Gordo said that a telegram came from Vizhay on February 18th informing of group’s delay nobody checked on the fact that this was not from Dyatlov, but Blinov group. Unbelievable, but it’s a fact. There are many unbelievable facts in this whole case which is still not opened, and we will keep posting till the proceedings in 1959 are discontinued.
  3. Dyatlov didn’t file a route map. Basically at the time when the search needed a flying start it turn out they didn’t know where to look. The two sides that coincided here were that Dyatlov was headstrong, didn’t like authorities, and perhaps, judging by the place their tent was later on found, he wanted to try a new approach to Mt. Otorten, not the standard one. And he wanted to play it by ear, something that won’t be approved if filed. If you file a plan you need to follow it. The second fact is that the UPI sports club administration actually allowed the group to go without all the required documents for the trip.
The necessary information began to be feverishly reconstructed from the stories of people who heard about the plans of Dyatlov group.
The problem with the missing map was resolved by a member of another Politech sport club - Ignaty Fokich Ryagin, a friend of the Kolevatov family, who discussed extensively with Alexander the forthcoming trek in mid January.
Ryagin recalled the route of the group from memory and on February 19 Rimma handed over the map to Colonel Georgy Ortyukov, a tactics instructor from the UPI military department, who led the search for the group in those February days, and subsequently put a lot of effort into clarifying the history of the Dyatlov group.
Kolevatova witness testimony from, , from Dyatlov group case files (page 272)
"... The search of the missing group started with great delay.
The group was supposed to return in Sverdlovsk on February 14-15, on February 12 they were to send a telegram from Vizhay, their final point along the route.
Parents were worried about their children and, of course, they called both the UPI sports club and the city sports club (according to Dubinina and Slobodin's families).
I myself called the institute only on February 17, 3 days after the expected return date.
I couldn't get hold of UPI sports club chairman Gordo, all my attempts to get through to him were futile.
I then called the city sports club Comrade Ufimtsev.
He assured me that there is nothing to worry about, that the group is delayed for a week and they are on their way back.
A certain fact is indignant and criminal: Gordo informed UPI party committee that a telegram had been received from Vizhay on February 18 reporting a delay of the group.
Secretary of the UPI party committee Comrade Zaostrovsky F.P. did not check on Gordo's report and did not inform the Director of UPI Comrade Syunov N.S., about the incident.
The Director learned about the missing group only after he was phoned by Comrade Pedchenko E.P. from the city party committee (I myself had to go to the city committee with a request to take measures to initiate search of the missing group).
There was a telegram though, but from a different group that was in the same area (Blinov's group), so the institute's directorate was not informed about the negligence.
The search began only at the insistence of the parents of tourists.
When the Polytechnic Institute began organizing the search, it turned out that the sports club did not have a route map which the hikers were supposed to follow in their trek, that is a scheme printed over a map.
The deputy chairman of the UPI sports club, Comrade Milman, learned from third parties that I had a map with the route before the group went on their hike, and called my sister Nina Sergeevna Anisimova with a request to provide the map to be used in the search.
But my brother Alexander took this map with him on the trek.
A map was given to to this brother (Comrade Milman) by Ignaty Fokich Ryagin, deputy head of the trust Gipromedrud (if I'm not mistaken in the name), friend of ours.
He knew about the trek because we (me and my brother) talked with him about the forthcoming trek.
After the call from the UPI sports club at our request I.F. Ryagin restored from memory the route and drew it on a map, which I personally passed on February 19 to Colonel Ortyukov (who was the first one to fly to find the group).
The above fact testifies to the utter indifference and lack of control on behalf of those responsible for organizing the campaign and launching the search groups..."
Organization of the Search, from Dyatlov group case files (page 36)
Organization of the Search
Return date of Dyatlov group, registered in Sverdlovsk, was 12.02.59.
When Yudin decided to go back due to illness, Dyatlov asked him to relate (without specifying exactly to whom) that the control date is postponed to 15.02.59.
On the postponement of the deadline Yudin reported privately to a certain UPI student, in particular member of Blinov bureau.
12.02, when the deadline expired, the GK did not know about the delay to 15.02, and the sports club UPI did not have any deadlines at all because the group took the documentation with them.
Until 16.02, no one was concerned about Dyatlov group.
16.02 Blinov rang to GK FK and sports club and understood that there is no telegram from Dyatlov group.
17.02 rang again 18.02 GK FK and sports club called Vinsay (Vizhay, red) 19.02 – received an answer that Dyatlov group hasn't turned up.
20.02 – it was decided to send to Ivdel Blinov and the chairman of the UPI sports club comrade Gordo.
21.02 they flew to Ivdel with a special flight and began circling above the hiking area.
Ivdel hotel where search teams stayed in 1959.
February 20
UPI sports club called a meeting, and the other expedition groups in the region were informed that there might be a problem with Dyatlov group.
Search parties were formed that including the hikers from treks that had recently returned.
The groups led by Sergey Sogrin, Yuri Blinov, and Vladislav Karelin all received telegrams telling them to stop and wait for reinforcements.
February 21
More teams from the university were dispatched to help with the search.
One team was led by Boris Slobtsov, a student at the UPI, another by Oleg Grebennik, also a UPI student, and the third by Moses Axelrod, an experienced climber.
Under the command of Captain Alexey Chernyshov, a fourth fresh group comprising military personnel was dispatched.
Some local Mansi people were also asked to help.
The first search team loads into helicopter in Ivdel. 1959
















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Napisano wczoraj, 21:24



Mansi, Mansi, Mansi
After February 21 the search of Dyatlov group was coordinated from Ivdel by the local prosecutor Tempalov and representatives of the UPI Yuri Blinov and chairman Lev Gordo.
Yuri Blinov is a member of the Bureau of the Tourist Section of the UPI, and the leader of the group of hikers who, along with Igor Dyatlov's group, was traveling on the same train, then on the same bus, from Sverdlovsk through Serov - Ivdel to the village of Vizhay.
Tempalov received instructions from the secretary of the Ivdel city committee of the KPSS, Prodanov, to start searching for the missing hikers (and Prodanov himself was ordered from Sverdlovsk by regional party and state authorities).
From Sverdlovsk was ordered aerial search.
Prodanov requested the engineer of the Energo Lesokombinat Mikhail Timofeevich Dryakhlih, who communicated with Dyatlov group in the 41st district, to join the search.
Now the only fact that is clear is that Dyatlov group is missing.
It was still to be found what route did they take.
The search operation needed witnesses.
Mansi Nikolay Bakhtiyarov had said that at end of January a group of students (8 people, including one or two women) stayed overnight at his brother Petr Bakhtiyarov’s Yurt.
Mansi settlements in the area, such as Suyevat Paul, consisted of several yurts (nomadic tents), and all of the people were carrying the last last name.
The small settlement were called the Bakhtiyarov Yurt, Khandybin Yurt Anyamov Yurt...
“In the yurt we talked to the hikers.
They said that they are going to the mountains but didn’t specify which one exactly.
They only asked which way is better to go – on the river or some other way, and they went along the road toward the river".
Now we know that these students were from the city of Rostov and headed to Vels peak.
Igor Fomenko led this group.
In February 1959 the lead had to be checked although Bakhtiyarov Yurt was not on Dyatlov group way to Otorten.
But then again, the rescuers didn't have a map to follow.
And the photo of Bakhtiyarov’s family below was made by students from MGU in 1956 that were going to Mt. Otorten.
Vizhay, Bakhtiyarov Yurt and the direction of Otorten.
February 22
Engineer Mikhail Timofeevich Dryakhlih and UPI sports club chairman Lev Gordo landed in Vizhay with a helicopter.
They took forester Kuznetsov and flew to North Toshemka river to the yurt of Alexander Prokakopevich Anyamov (Mansi).
They talked to him.
Then flew to the upper sources the Vizhay river, above the tributary of Anchuchа.
They landed, Dryakhlih and Kuznetsov visited Mansi Bakhtiyarov 5 yurts.
After that they flew west to the Urals and saw a clear track of the Mansi dog sled that went from Bakhtiyarov yurt Vizhay river 1.5 km west to the Urals.
No traces of the missing hikers were found.
Varvara Kuzmovna Bakhtiyarova and her children Miron and Albina, 1956
Moscow was made aware of the incident, and soon also sent a few experienced hikers.
Eugene Maslennikov, the head of the UPI sports club, was appointed to coordinate the search, together with Colonel George Ortyukov of the Army, who was in charge of overall logistics and helicopter support.
Slobtsov group of 11 assembled first and consisted mainly of UPI students: Boris Slobtsov, Vadim Brusnitsin, Stas Devyatov, Yuri Koptelov, Vyacheslav Krotov, Vladimir Lebedev, Vladimir Strelnikov, Vyacheslav Khalizov, Mikhail Sharavin.
The group also included two local residents - forester Ivan Pashin and hunter Alexei Cheglakov of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with experience in the taiga.
Several prison guards from the Ivdel LAG under the leadership of Captain Alexey Chernyshov and another seven officers of MVD (cops) under command of lieutenant Potapov have joined the search in the Dyatlov group.
Another three groups were formed in UPI from student volunteers under the leadership of Oleg Grebennik, Moises Akselrod and Boris Slobtsov.
Additionally, four Mansi hunters were hired to help and look for the missing group.
Moscow sent several specialists including E.P. Maslennikov, Baskin, Bardin and Shuleshko.
Slobtsov rescue group was transported on An-2 from Sverdlovsk to the military airfield of Ivdel with equipment and weekly supply of products.
Waited for a airlift by a helicopter but the weather was prohibitive.
Slobtsov group had to spent the night in Ivdel.
Headquarters of the Ural Military District
To investigate the tragedy in Mt Kholat Syakhl, a state commission was established consisting of Major-General M. N. Shishkarev, Deputy Chairman of the Sverdlovsk Regional Executive Committee V. Pavlov, Head of the Sverdlovsk Regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union F. T. Ermash, Prosecutor of Sverdlovsk N. I. Klinov and Major-General of Aviation M. I. Gorlachenko.

















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