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Kitaro’s 2014 Symphonic World Tour


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Dziś zapowiedziano trasę koncertową Kitaro w 2014 r. :arrow: http://www.domomusic...n-tour-in-2014/

Będzie to trasa koncertowa wraz z orkiestrą symfoniczną, zatrzyma się w krajach Europy Wschodniej w tym u nas, w Polsce, w Warszawie (już 22 lutego 2014 r. o ile nic się nie zmieni).


“Kitaro’s 2014 Symphonic World Tour” dates:

14 February Premiere Performance with Santa Rosa Symphony, Weill Hall, Green Music Center at Sonoma State University, California, USA

19 February St Petersburg, Bkz Hall
22 February Warsaw, Kongress hall
24 February Moscow, Crocus Hall
02 March Bucharest, Sala Palatilui
04 March Istanbul, Zorlu center
07 March Baku, Hayder Aliyev Sarayi

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Oto zdjęcia i opis sali koncertowej Weill Hall w Green Music Center!


The crown jewel of the Green Music Center is undoubtedly the 1,400-seat Joan and Sanford I. Weill Hall which opened in September 2012 and is considered one of the most acoustically superb concert venues in the world.

Designed by architect William Rawn, theatre consultant Auerbach Pollock Friedlander and acoustician Lawrence Kirkegaard, Weill Hall was designed to replicate the intimacy and acoustics of both Vienna’s Musikverein and Symphony Hall in Boston.

Weill Hall is modeled after Seiji Ozawa Hall at Tanglewood, including a back wall that can be fully opened onto the beautifully landscaped and terraced Weill Lawn.

The 1,400 handcrafted seats within Weill Hall were built by the 200-year-old Fancher Chair Company.

Made of European steamed beech wood, the chairs feature an open back designed for acoustic-neutrality whether the seat is occupied or empty.

Seating in Weill Hall is divided amongst a raked orchestra floor, two upper balconies and a choral ring behind the stage.

The third floor balcony boasts spectacular views of the Sonoma Mountains through large windows on the north and east walls.

The variable acoustics of the hall are acheived through the use of motorized fabric banners on the east and west walls.

By adjusting these banners, the hall can be fine-tuned for the specific genre of music being performed - from a single vocalist to a full orchestra setting.

Żródło: http://gmc.sonoma.edu/visit/about-hall/about_Weill_Hall

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Grammy & Golden Globe-Winning Artist KITARO Embarks on His First-Ever Eastern European Tour!

He’s performed all over the world many times. Now, in a first, Grammy and Golden Globe-winning Artist Kitaro will perform in Eastern Europe with a full-orchestra on his "Kitaro’s 2014 Symphonic World Tour

The 2014 live production will include stops in Warsaw, Moscow, Bucharest, Istanbul and other historic and amazing international locations.

Commenting on the tour Kitaro says, “It has always been my dream to perform with a full orchestra in these beautiful and historic cities.

I look forward to every moment of this coming tour with great anticipation.”

19 lutego 2014 - Oktyabrskiy Big Concert Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia

22 lutego 2014 - Congress Hall, Warsaw, Poland

24 lutego 2014 - Crocus City Hall, Moscow, Russia

2 marca 2014 - Sala Palataliu, Bucharest, Romania

4 marca 2014 - Halic Congress Center, Istanbul, Turkey

7 marca 2014 - Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center, Baku, Azerbaijan

Żródło: https://www.facebook.com/Kitaro

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Już jutro czyli 14 lutego 2014 r. startuje trasa koncertowa Kitaro’s 2014 Symphonic World Tour.


Inauguracyjny koncert odbędzie się w: http://gmc.sonoma.edu/event/2031376-kitaro-with-the-santa-rosa-symphony





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Kitaro: Symphonic Electronic Lover
Japanese composer orchestrates the electronic

by Bruce Robinson

New Age composer Kitaro kicks off his world tour at the Green Center in Rohnert Park Feb. 14. - BRUCE ROBINSON

Kitaro plays with the Santa Rosa Symphony Friday, Feb. 14, at the Green Music Center, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park Expressway and Petaluma Hill Road, Rohnert Park. 8pm. $40–$80 (premier seating with post-concert reception, $250). 707.546.8742.

'This is my dream," Kitaro says simply.

He's speaking of the transformation of some of his most famous electronica melodies into fully orchestrated tone poems.

It's not a new idea, just one that has taken a long time to realize for the Japanese composer, whose elegantly melodic instrumentals helped define the emerging "New Age" genre beginning in the late 1970s.

Although he was encouraged to explore the tonal potential of early synthesizers by Tangerine Dream's Klaus Schulze, and did so with great success, he longed for more.

"The synthesizer can create strange sounds, but [an] orchestra has its own beauty," he says.

"[From] the beginning of my career, always I'm focused on the actual acoustic sounds."

When director Oliver Stone tapped Kitaro to write the score for his 1993 film Heaven and Earth, a large studio orchestra recorded the soundtrack.

It was, the composer says, "soooo good.

So, little by little, the last 20 years, my music is moving toward the real orchestra."

And now, he adds, "the opportunity of working with the Santa Rosa Symphony, this is my dream."

For the orchestra, however, it was a surprise.

"It just dropped in our lap," says Alan Silow, the Santa Rosa Symphony's executive director.

An out-of-the-blue call from Sonoma State University music professor Brian Wilson in November introduced the possibility, and when Kitaro's desired Feb. 14 date turned out to be narrowly available (subscription concerts had long been scheduled for the rest of the weekend), planning accelerated, and the unusual joint performance was announced just a few weeks later.

"They didn't hire us as 'the band,'" Silow states, "We're partners in the whole production."

This concert will include music from Kitaro's best-known recordings, such as Silk Road, Thinking of You and Kojiki.

After this week's premiere with a scaled-down version of the Santa Rosa Symphony—roughly 40 strong—the program continues with half a dozen other performances, and with other orchestras, in Russia, Eastern Europe and possibly some later dates in Southeast Asia.

The show could also tour the United States late this year.

Other projects also await Kitaro: a new collaboration with percussionist Mickey Hart and the completion of his ambitious Ku-Kai Project, a series of 88 compositions that incorporate the sounds of the temple bells from the 88 temples that ring Japan's Shikoku island.

He's written and recorded 39 so far, and expects the remainder to occupy him for four to five years.

But now his priority is to finalize the set list, complete the orchestrations (with his long-time band leader Stephen Small, who will also conduct) and prepare for the single three-and-a-half-hour rehearsal with the symphony musicians.

But even with strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion—and, of course, Kitaro's own six-piece electronic band—there's still one element missing.

"I think, still, the voice is the best sounding instrument," he explains, "so I will do some surprise for the audience this time.

"One song I will sing myself."

Żródło: http://www.bohemian....ent?oid=2567549

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Dziś inauguracyjny koncert trasy koncertowej Kitaro’s 2014 Symphonic World Tour.


W USA, w Kaliforni.




Kitaro will kick-off his first-ever Eastern European “2014 Symphonic World Tour” tomorrow in Santa Rosa, California!!




BUY Tickets


Concert will include performances of Kitaro’s most memorable music from Silk Road and Kojiki.


Performances at:

Weill Hall, Green Music Center at Sonoma State University

Corner of Petaluma Hill Road and Rohnert Park Expressway

Rohnert Park, CA 94928



This will be the only one show in the US, so please don’t miss it!



Żródło: http://www.domomusicgroup.com/blog/2014/02/13/kitaro-symphonic-world-tour-2014/

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Two more days, 2/19, till Kitaro's tour in St Petersburg, Russia - Bkz!

Here are some pictures from 2/14 Santa Rosa Premiere Performance!

Buy Tickets please visit - http://www.bkz.ru/afisha/508/





#kitaro #domorecords #stpetersburg #russia #2014worldtour #kitarosymphonicworldtour

Żródło: https://www.facebook.com/Kitaro

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Kitaro has been creating huge buzz in Eastern Europe!


Here are some clips of Kitaro interviews by local media.







100 TV – St. Petersburg




Żródło: https://www.facebook.com/Kitaro

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Shared the impression of the city of Baku after the amazing concert!


Article by AzerNews Newspaper


Check this out!






#kitaro #newage #symphony #orchestra #worldtour #tour2014 #baku #azernews #domorecords



Żródło: https://www.facebook.com/Kitaro

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Live Review: Kitaro - St. Petersburg 2014

Published on Monday, 10 March 2014 09:09

Written by Varja Lintu


Oktyabrskiy Big Concert Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia

19th February 2014

Kitaro – “Kitaro’s 2014 Symphonic World Tour”

On 19th February, the famous renowned award-winning Japanese musician and composer KITARO came to St. Petersburg for a concert.

His musical career started back in 1973 from being the part of FAR EAST FAMILY BAND.

Then he decided to start a solo career and make a journey over South-Eastern Asia where he discovered a new life-approach which made him stick to the genre of new-age music, which aims at bringing the relaxation and optimistic feelings and usually includes a lot of exotic and folk motives.


So his first album was released in 1978 and since then his impressing discography includes around 50 albums.

In 1993, KITARO won a Golden Globe award for the best original soundtrack for the movie ‘Heaven and Earth’.

Later in 2001, he won the well-deserved Grammy award for the album ‘Thinking of you’.

But except the musical side, he also tried his hand in many other fields, like: directing, photography, pyrotechnics, also he creates the elements of his shows himself, so no wonder that the audience is always expecting the breathtaking mixture of relaxing music and visual side of it, and not in vain.



Music & Performance
In St. Petersburg, the first part of the show consisted of the old and well-known tracks.

First KITARO himself performed a masterful and meditative flute solo.

Then in the next compositions the sound of gong and violin were added, which created the really special Asian flavour sending the audience into the blissful half-awake state.

Then came the second part of the concert, which actually was the main one.

KITARO and the members of his official musical support band were joined at the stage by St. Petersburg Symphonic Orchestra.

With such an incredible support, KITARO performed his new material, and the atmosphere got immediately different: more solemn and dramatic, although preserving the Japanese atmosphere all the same.


The setlist was flowing like water from one song to another, creating the impression of one big and carefully planned composition.

The stage-lights also were the carefully pre-planned part of the show which added the even more mystical and eerie feeling to the already special atmosphere, carrying the attentive listeners even farther from the reality and everyday life.

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 7.7 / 10


All pictures by Varja Lintu

Żródło: http://www.reflectionsofdarkness.com/artists-k-o-concertreviews-157/14140-live-review-kitaro-st-petersburg-2014

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