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喜多郎 Kitaro “The Best of Kitaro” Tour in Malaysia 2024


The Grammy and Golden Globes Award-winning composer, musician, and recording artist KITARO is set to reconnect with his Malaysian audience after a seven-year absence.


Renowned for his diverse and multifaceted musical abilities, KITARO’s signature style fuses contemplative, evocative, highly melodic synthesizer work with acoustic instrumentation, delivering messages of peace and spirituality.


His repertoire spans across genres such as New Age, environmental, instrumental, electronic, and folk music.


With intricately crafted compositions, KITARO invites listeners on an immersive musical journey at his upcoming performance.


His melodies are set to resonate profoundly, forming a captivating musical narrative that transports audiences into a realm of enchantment and introspection.


With a career spanning over four decades and encompassing more than 24 albums, he has garnered impressive 17 Grammys Award nominations, and won the Grammy’s for Best New Age Album with “Thinking of You” in 1999, marking a pivotal moment in his career.


Rising to prominence since the 80s, KITARO became a household name, one of the few Japanese musicians to achieve global recognition.


His iconic works, including “Silk Road,” “Thinking of You,” “Heaven & Earth,” “Matsuri,” “Reimei,” and “Water of Mystery,” continue to resonate with audiences globally.
























他发行了超过24张专辑,他累积了令人印象深刻的17次格莱美奖提名,并于1999年凭借《Thinking of You》获得了格莱美奖最佳新世纪专辑奖,标志着他职业生涯的一个重要时刻。成名经典作品包括《丝绸之路》(Silk Road),格林美获奖作品《思慕》(Thinking of You),《天与地》(Heaven & Earth),《飨宴》(Matsuri),《黎明》(Reimei),《神秘之水》( Water Of Mystery)等。


Żródło: https://starplanet.com.my/kitaro2024/

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Kitaro to launch “The Best Of Kitaro Live in 2024” International Tour in June

POSTED ON March 28, 2024


Los Angeles, CA (March 28, 2024) – Grammy and Golden Globe award-winning recording artist Kitaro will tour in 2024, beginning on June 23rd at the Arena Of Stars in Malaysia.


Other confirmed tour dates will follow in Singapore and Taiwan.


The tour will feature iconic songs and fan favorites known throughout Kitaro’s illustrious career.


As a special treat, this tour will feature music from Kitaro’s illustrious career that will be performed live for the first time. 


As Kitaro notes, “For many years, I have always strived to create a memorable and exciting spiritual live concert experience with breathtaking visuals.


This time I intended to delve deeper into my past and include music in this tour that I have not performed anywhere previously.


I am grateful and appreciative to those in my audiences that have supported me throughout many decades.


These performances will reflect my heartfelt delight and appreciation of those many years and many enthusiastic audiences.”




June 23 Arena Of Stars, Resorts World Genting, Malaysia

June 25 Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

June 26 Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

June 28 Sarawak Culture Village, Malaysia

June 30 Kaohsiung Music Center, Taiwan


Żródło: https://www.domomusicgroup.com/blog/2024/03/28/kitaro-to-launch-the-best-of-kitaro-live-in-2024-international-tour-in-june/

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Quote from https://www.marinabaysands.com/entertainment/shows/the-best-of-kitaro-world-tour.html


Kitaro continues to produce the remaining albums of the Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai series.


His intention behind the series is to shine a light on an inspirational musical message to unify our cultures, consciousness and spiritual growth.


A new and untitled live album with accompanying video will be released in late 2024 by Domo Records.

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W Japonii ruszyły niedawno pre-ordery na 2 (dwa) NOWE albumy (live z dwóch koncertów/wydarzeń w 2023 r. w Japonii) KITARO




1 album ukaże się już 16 czerwca 2024 r.

wersje wydania: CD+DVD, CD+BLU-RAY


2 album ukaże się 17 lipca 2024 r.

wersje wydania: CD+DVD


Wkrótce zapewne ukażą się zapowiedzi tychże nowych albumów w wersji światowej.

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