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Kitaro's The Best of Ten Years features music from his best selling albums during 1976-1986 including Silk Road, Oasis, India, Millenia, Ki, Tunhuang and Silver Cloud.


This song is from the soundtrack of "Silk Road", a Japanese documentary series about how the Silk Road trade route influenced ancient Japan that was broadcast over a 10-year period.


The success of the program also contributed to Kitaro's international success :)





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Snapshots of Kitaro at the Onbashira Festival in Nagano, Japan.


It is held every 7 years, and was the inspiration behind Kitaro's album 'Gaia-Onbashira':)












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Kitaro’s Acclaimed “Daylight, Moonlight Live in Yakushiji” DVD Will Be Reissued This Summer


POSTED ON 05/08/2015

Golden Globe and Grammy Winning Artist Kitaro Releases an ALL-NEW Version of his Highly Acclaimed Daylight Moonlight, Live In Yakushiji DVD on August 7




For Immediate Release


Recorded during a special event for world peace, Kitaro and his ensemble performed at the magnificent Yakushiji temple, the first concert ever presented in the venerable shrine.


The temple is the final resting place of Genjo Sanzo.


Sanzo is famously known to have brought the sacred texts of Buddhism from India to Japan.


This incredible journey on the ancient Silk Road took place more than a millennium ago.


Kitaro says, “It was Genjo’s journey that inspired our performance.


With our utmost passion, we hope that our passion for the music performed at the Yakushiji concert reflected, the passion of his journey.”


Captured over three evenings at the sacred Yakushiji Temple in the ancient Japanese capital of Nara, Kitaro reprises compositions from earlier albums.


He includes his Golden Globe Award-Winning theme to Heaven & Earth as well as two previously unreleased tracks.


The critics agree.


“All the drama, grace and humanity of his usual offerings are here with the added immediacy of the live recording and the profound spirit of the Yakushiji monks who also appear on the previously unreleased track, ‘Wa’.


With sweeping synthesized sounds, Native American flute, Taiko drums, nature sounds combined with Western instrumentation, this special offering from Kitaro is a journey to inner realms of exotic earthly destinations.”


Featured artists include: Kitaro: Keyboards, Flute, Guitar, Taiko; Keiko Takahashi: Keyboards; Shinji Ebihara: Keyboards; Yayoi Sakiyama: Violin; Tomoko Nomura: Percussion.


Track Listing:
01. Monks Introduction
02. Hajimari/Sozo
03. Caravansary
04. Silk Road
05. Magma
06. Mercury
07. Water of Mystery
08. Estrella
09. Koi
10. Wa
11. Free Flight
12. Heaven and Earth


Catalog Number: 73015-9 | Digipak | DVD Run Time: 1:32 | Barcode: 794017301594


Also Available from the Domo Music Group:
Domo Records: 73215-2, Kitaro, Symphony Live In Istanbul
Domo Records, 73212-2, Kitaro, Thinking Of You (Remastered)
Domo Records, 73206-2, Kitaro, The Quintessential Kitaro
Domo Records, 73202-2, Kitaro, Final Call


VH1says: “Kitaro’s style is the epitome of the contemplative, highly melodic synthesizer music”


Billboard Magazine Adds: “Kitaro sculpts music that balances pastoral and deep space environments through desert flute melodies and arcing synthesizer solos”



Follow Kitaro on SNS
http://www.domomusicgroup.com/blog/images/icon-facebook1.jpg http://www.domomusicgroup.com/blog/images/icon-twitter11.jpg http://www.domomusicgroup.com/blog/images/icon-youtube11.jpg http://www.domomusicgroup.com/blog/images/icon-reverbnation.jpg Kitaro Artist Page



Żródło: http://www.domomusicgroup.com/blog/2015/05/08/kitaros-acclaimed-daylight-moonlight-live-in-yakushiji-will-be-reissued-as-dvd-this-summer/

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1200 years ago from now, Mount Koya was founded by Buddhist monk, Ku-Kai.


As you know, Kitaro has begun a traditional Japanese spiritual pilgrimage to 88 temples and sampled bell sounds from each temple as a basis for the compositions on Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai.


He has released four albums so far and all four received the Grammy Award nomination.


This week, we would like to take you on Kitaro's sacred journey to help celebrate the 1200-year anniversary of Mount Koya.


For more information about Kitaro's Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai:



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First in a series of conceptual albums, Kitaro's Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai is a foray into a unique perspective of an issue that is on everyone's mind this day.


Inspired by the events of September 11th, the music is intended to address a holistic solution to personal and global concerns juxtaposed against forward-thinking views of our own spiritual development.


The music also features guest artists from around the world, including Tibetan Master and flutist Nawang Khechog.


It is Kitaro's intention that his message of peace will help people appreciate the nature of our individual experiences and that they can only unify us all in global and spiritual co-existence.



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This week, we are featuring Kitaro's Ku-Kai project to help celebrate 1200-year anniversary of Mount Koya founded by Ku-Kai.

Here is live video of Kitaro performing "Requiem" from Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai vol.4!


For more info about Ku-Kai vol.4:





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Happy Weekend!


Until the end of May, partial proceeds from the Domo Store will be donated to help the victims of Nepal Earthquake :)





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June is here!


In June, 20 years ago, Kitaro's An Enchanted Evening was released.


It was his first live album to be released from Domo Records :)



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Today is World Environment Day!

What steps will you take to protect Nature and Mother Earth? :)

You can start by listening to Kitaro's Final Call, a homage to his lifelong reverence for Nature, and a means to encourage the audience to take better care of our planet!


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