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Andreas Vollenweider - aktualności


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LIVE@HOME - mini-concerts from AVOs recording studio in Switzerland:


19 August 2020 at 20:00 CEST

The 8th mini-concert - The first mini concert with drummer Walter Keiser, who has been responsible for the heat beat of the Vollenweider-music since the seventies...



9 September 2020 at 20:00 CEST

The 9th mini-concert - another mini-concert with Walter Keiser on drums and percussion

Żródło: https://www.vollenweider.com/en

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Andreas Vollenweider & Friends in Concert - when? where? how?

The 35th anniversary concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival on the 7th of July 2011 was the last public concert of AVAF.


After that Andreas went into a retreat and continued his work in silence.


Everything was ready for June 2020 to finally go out to the world again with concerts.


But like for everybody else in the performing world, due to COVID19, everything had to be postponed for a long time or even cancelled.


Now we have to make new plans, about which we will inform you as soon as possible...


However, we need to mention that there will no extended tours, as was the case in the past when we visited all countries and regions regularly.


Rather, there will be some selected concerts in very special places.


So if you would like to be part of this experience, please make sure you take advantage of the concert dates we communicate here, even if the location might not be in your direct neighbourhood.



What is to be expected?


The Experience (for the uninitiated):

Forget everything you ever thought you knew about the harp! Music critics worldwide agree that Andreas Vollenweider has developed a unique instrument, a unique sound, and an unmistakable musical style.


Do not expect an ethereal harp recital! It's more like something between chamber music and a rock concert.


You will also forget very quickly that there are only three people on stage…



The Cast:

Andreas Vollenweider's instrument is easily able to fill even the largest of concert venues with its powerful sound, ranging from ultra-deep bass tones and hypnotic grooves to crystal-clear melodies with haunting intensity.


Once more, Andreas uses his entire arsenal of instruments: his legendary electric harp, Chinese and African harps, ethnic wind instruments and other surprises.


He moves through these musical spaces with two companions:

Young German cellist Isabel Gehweiler's performances are able to touch her audience in an indescribably consuming manner.


She, too, breaks through the sonic and dynamic limits of her instrument without the necessity of artificial effects.


Her music invariably provokes listeners to question whether it is actually the voice of a cello that they are hearing.


Every now and then, Isabel's own bell-like voice rings out and floats over her rich tapestry of sound.


Drummer Walter Keiser has been the heartbeat of Vollenweider's music since the very beginning.


His musical spectrum ranges from the subtle and finely crafted to the temperamental and furious.


Even in airy, floating passages, he manages to create a secure connection to the rhythmic ground.


Various elements of percussion as well as some tasteful programming are also part of Walter's colourful palette of sound.



The Music:

It is truly a unique world of sound: melodic, poignant, intimate, emotional, forgiving, untethered without compromise, and fascinatingly unfamiliar.


From aching simplicity to fiery virtuosity, it is both soothing and powerful at the same time.


More than ever before, the music invites you on an inner journey, to pause and reflect and gather new strength.


Those are exactly the qualities that originally made this music world-renowned.


Along with plenty of new musical creations, on this journey we will also meet old friends.


Fragments and citations from legendary pieces of earlier albums and programs will take on new guises in this trio formation.


There is also plenty of space for improvisation; the music will be just as new and full of surprises at every performance for both the listeners and the musicians themselves.



The Sound:

Ever since the early 80s, audio professionals have always agreed that the Vollenweider sound has set new standards of excellence worldwide, also for live concerts.


Therefore, it will be especially pleasing to the audiophiles among you to discover that the original sound crew is still involved, and will once again make sure that the concerts become an unsurpassable sound experience.



















Żródło: https://www.vollenweider.com/en

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Andreas on the upcoming LIVE@HOME mini concert on August 19th, 2020

Short Message from Andreas Vollenweider regarding the upcoming mini-concert on August 19th, 20:00 Zurich (CEST), 2pm New York, 11am, San Francisco


Żródło: https://www.vollenweider.com/en

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Drummer Walter Keiser joins Andreas for the next episodes.


He has been responsible for the heartbeat of the Vollenweider - music since the beginning.



August 19th / 20:00 CEST, 2pm New York, 11am San Francisco


More information under: https://www.vollenweider.com/en


















Żródło: https://www.facebook...eiderandfriends

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Next LIVE@HOME - mini concerts from AVOs recording studio in Switzerland:

9 September 2020 at 20:00 CEST

The 9th mini concert, Andreas Vollenweider playing in his studio in Switzerland - another mini concert with Walter Keiser on drums and percussion

















Żródło: https://www.vollenweider.com/en

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25 września 2020 r., ukażą się kolejne albumy ze wznawianej dyskografii Andreasa Vollenweidera:

Andreas Vollenweider - White Winds (1984 r.)

Andreas Vollenweider - Down To The Moon (1986 r.)

Andreas Vollenweider - White Winds


“White Winds” is Andreas Vollenweider’s third studio album, which was released worldwide in 1984 and sold more than 1.5 million units, and thus from a time when Andreas Vollenweider did not use quite as much electronics as today.

You can hear influences from Asia and the Orient, among others. Here you can see that Vollenweider is a citizen of the world and cosmopolitan.

On his official website Vollenweider is quoted on this album with the words:

“The making of ‚White Winds’ was like a creative harvest time.

Reactions from the ‚outside world’ had made us more confident and more courageous, but also a bit looser.

Even the song title of ‚Flight Feet & Root Hands’ mirrors our frame of mind: freely ‚flying’ feet – and our hands firmly rooted in the earth.”


The White Winds

The White Boat (First View) 01:50

Hall of the Stairs

Hall of the Mosaics (Meeting You) 05:04

The Glass Hall (Choose the Crystal)

The Play of the Five Balls

The Five Planets

Canopy Choir 07:37

The Woman and the Stone 04:28

The Stone (Close up) 03:02

Phases of the Three Moons 02:44

Flight Feet and Root Hands 03:37

Brothership 03:27

Sisterseed 01:24

Trilogy - At the White Magic Gardens

The White Winds 03:27

Total: 36:40

Andreas Vollenweider - Down To The Moon


“Down to the Moon” is Andreas Vollenweider’s fourth studio album released in 1986 and was the first album to win the Grammy Award for Best New Age Album in 1987.

Andreas Vollenweider on his website:

“Our group was playing very tightly together after several world tours.

Many elements of this album had already been ‚tested’ in our performances.

As we went into the studio in between live shows, some of that energy found its way on to the album.

At the same time, it also signaled a temporary farewell.

After extensively touring the U.S., Japan and Australia, we took a long creative break to nurture our motivation and unbroken explorer’s spirits.”


Down to the Moon 02:27

Moon Dance 04:10

Steam Forest 04:57

Water Moon 02:14

Night Fire Dance 04:57

Quiet Observer 02:44

Silver Wheel 03:57

Drown in Pale Light 02:13

The Secret, the Candle and Love 03:43

Hush-Patience at Bamboo Forest 00:15

Three Silver Ladies Dance 02:37

La Lune et l'Enfant 02:02

Total: 36:16

Żródło: http://www.mig-music.de/en/releases/vollenweider-andreas-6/


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Andreas on the upcoming LIVE@HOME mini concert on September 9th, 2020

Short Message from Andreas Vollenweider regarding the upcoming mini-concert on September 9th, 20:00 Zurich (CEST), 2pm New York, 11am, San Francisco


Żródło: https://www.vollenweider.com/en

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Monday, Sept 14, 2020 – Andreas Vollenweider.


The Return of Andreas Vollenweider: The Echoes Interview


After 11 years, New Age Icon Andreas Vollenweider returns.


He has a new album, Quiet Places.


What has he been doing all this time?


Writing a novel, In the Mirror of Venus.


The inspiration of the album is partly drawn from his tale of the imagination, but it all comes down to music.


We go below the surface with Andreas Vollenweider talking about his novel, his album and free improvisation on Echoes.




Andreas Vollenweider:


Since I was a child, I was always interested what’s behind, beyond the, below the surface, below the surface, what’s there.


How deep does it go?


And that was why the music started to sound the way it was.


Music for me was a way to deal with this whole field of questions.



















Żródło: https://echoes.org/2020/08/31/monday-sept-14-2020-andreas-vollenweider/

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A snapshot from Yesterday‘s rehearsal: The vinyls and cds arrived!
Our new Album release is in October!
Andreas will also publish his first book 1f642.png @andreasvollenweiderandfriends feat. @isabelgehweiler and @walterkeiser



















Żródło: https://www.facebook.com/isabelgehweiler.cello/

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2 pażdziernika 2020 r., ukaże się nowy album Andreasa Vollenweidera - Quiet Places



Andreas Vollenweider - Quiet Places (2020 r.)






Andreas Vollenweider is back!

A new album “Quiet Places”, a novel “Im Spiegel Der Venus”, concerts and open-airs.

Let us remember:

Andreas Vollenweider stands for sold out tours worldwide in auditoriums like Carnegie Hall or Radio City Music Hall in New York, Universal Amphitheatre Los Angeles, Palladium in London, NHK Hall in Tokyo or Town Hall in Sydney.

He has released 18 albums from 1980 to the present day and has sold more than 15 million physical records.

Grammy Award, Latin Grammy and World Music Award as well as other Grammy nominations, most recently in 2007, stand for his unique success.

In 2012 he received the Swiss Music Award in the category Outstanding Achievement for his “continuing life’s work”.

In 2015, Vollenweider develops a special music for a research project of the Neonatology Department of the University Hospital of Geneva.

The focus is on the massive developmental problems of premature births and the question of what sound and music could do to support them.

In its January 2019 issue, the National Geographic Magazine described the surprisingly great success of the project as “one of the 12 innovations that will revolutionize the future of medicine”.

2020: After almost forty years of successful musical creation, Andreas Vollenweider dares to embark on a new, great adventure – his first novel! 450 pages, which will be released in a print edition and digitally as an e-book.

t will also be released as an audio book with lots of music, read by Christoph Gaugler.

And in addition the album, inspired by the theme of the novel, on CD, vinyl and of course digitally, the first work of a musical trilogy: “Quiet Places”.

Quiet, contemplative music, subtle, touching and yet powerful and dynamic, with Isabel Gehweiler, cello, and Walter Keiser, drums.

Andreas Vollenweider is back!

Press quotes:

“Quiet Places” is a great and very welcome return by Andreas Vollenweider!

As a music reviewer, I rarely say it, but “Quiet Places” is a must.

It is easily one of the finest New Age music releases in 2020.

Swiss electroacoustic harpist Andreas Vollenweider launches his next phase with Quiet Places – an intimate, melodically eloquent, rhythmically eclectic and classically tinged set of vibrant exotic dances and introspective meditations


The performances on the album are nothing short of flawless.

That was to be expected.

And the improvisations also what we have come to love and admire and even expect.

But it is not expectation that accompanies the loveliness of Andreas Vollenweider-it us expectancy.

The expectancy that comes from faith from what he has done before and the knowledge that something marvelous is about to happen.


  1. Pygmalion 04:05
  2. Polyhymina 05:10
  3. The Pyramidians 04:50
  4. Entangled 04:08
  5. Come to the Quiet Place 04:03
  6. Venus in the Mirror 03:17
  7. Bella Smiling 04:00
  8. Wanderung 04:21
  9. Sculpture 03:38
  10. Fields of Blue 04:11

Total: 41:43 Min.

Żródło: http://www.mig-music.de/en/releases/vollenweider-andreas-10/

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Next LIVE@HOME - mini concerts from AVOs recording studio in Switzerland:


7 October 2020 at 20:00 CEST

The 10th LIVE@HOME concert, featuring Walter Keiser and Isabel Gehweiler, playing music from the new album and older favorites.



















Żródło: https://www.vollenweider.com/en

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Interview with Andreas Vollenweider

By BT Fasmer - September 28, 2020


Andreas Vollenweider is back!

The new album “Quiet Places” will be released on October 2nd.

He will also release a novel called “Reflections of Venus”.

Newagemusic.guide is proud to present an exclusive interview with Andreas Vollenweider, where he talks about the new releases, the LIVE@HOME mini concerts and life in general in the age of Covid19.

BT Fasmer: On behalf of your millions of fans worldwide: It is so good to have you back after all these years!

How does it feel to have new music coming out?

Was there ever a time when you thought that you would not release anything more?

Andreas Vollenweider: It feels great to reconnect, after such a long time.

In terms of my creative work I do not follow a strategic masterplan, I just follow the music that wants to come out and then if it looks like it could ever become an album, I do what’s necessary.

But if in the end it doesn’t feel right, I am really good in deleting it again To me, music has to somehow write itself…

BT: I understand that you have worked closely with the University of Geneva (UNIGE) on how music may help premature babies.

Has this work had any impact on “Quiet Places”?

Andreas: This Geneva project has been something like a reality check: we all know how music can reach deep and touch us profoundly.

It definitively is more than just acoustic decoration.

But with this project, we could present for the first time the scientific proof, that the experience with music can stimulate and support the development of physiological substance such as cerebral matter.

This double blind study, over the course of five years, has made clear, that those children who where daily exposed to this particular musical soundscapes, showed significant improvement in developing cerebral matter and the neural network.

As result, it looks very promising, that thesee children are not suffering from the usual severe social, cognitive, emotional deficits, preemies are mostly confronted with.

But as I said, it only reconfirmed – music has a very powerful potential, which we should become aware and use much more.

BT: I guess it is safe to say that the circumstances for the launch of “Quiet Places” are not ideal.

In retrospect, a 2019 release would have been perforable?

Andreas: The contrary!

The virus has brought our extraverted, materialistic outwardly oriented lives to a sudden halt.

Now is the time to go within, the time for introspection.

For this we need a Quiet Place we can go on this journey to our most important place, the inner space.

I would even say, it is the perfect time for QUIET PLACES, which was made for exactly this, a long time before the virus hit.


Walter Keiser, Isabel Gehweiler and Andreas Vollenweider

BT: I know I’m not mistaken when I say that our need for “Quiet Places”, in music and in literature, is greater than ever in the age of Covid19. Was this the inspiration behind your LIVE@HOME concerts?

Andreas: The first LIVE@HOME mini concert was an experiment.

The reaction of our listeners has clearly shown, that it is very possible, to connect to listeners out there even in a such a virtual setting.

I even think we have to change our perception of what is virtual and what not.

Even a love letter is virtual, a book, a CD, even a phone call, because it needs a medium to be transported to you, it doesn’t happen here an now.

And we should not forget, that the reader, the listener at the other end, is recreating the content with his or her own personal thoughts, memories, images and emotions, drawn from his or her personal archives.

It will never exactly be, what you have sent, in some cases even rather different.

I am very surprised, how close I feel to the listeners when I am playing these mini concerts.

It is a wonderful and warm feeling.

BT: YouTube comments are not the same as performing in front of a live audience.

How have the LIVE@HOME concerts been for you?

As a viewer, I’m amazed by your performances, but I guess you would rather have been on the stage?

Andreas: From now on, even once we can travel and play “normal” concerts again, these online concerts are going to always be an additional platform for me to bring the music to the people.

We have been reminded by the comments on YouTube, how our listeners are spread out over the whole planet.

This way we can bring the music to places, we could never possibly travel to.

BT: You also have a novel coming out called “Reflections of Venus” (German: “Im Spiegel der Venus”).

Tell us about the book.

When did you decide to write it, and for how long have you been writing fiction?

Andreas: If someone asked me about my profession, I always said; I am a storyteller, so far I told my stories mainly with music.

But I also love painting and – also writing, I love language, poetry.

But my writing was never for publishing.

It has always been more a form of processing a topic for myself, just as something like an extended form of a diary.

But then there were this questions, which fascinated me so much that it almost automatically became a story.

And – the idea grew to publish this story after all.

I’m now at an age when one should either forget one’s dreams, or just – make them come true!

I decided for the latter and wrote this novel.

There was this complex of questions that had “haunted” me my whole life long; what is “reality” and how does it come about?

Where is the beginning of the beginning of the beginning?

How must we understand the anatomy of reality?

In the natural sciences today, this is a topic of general, burning relevance!

With the novel “Refelctions of Venus” I have tried to deal with these fundamental questions in an entertaining, hopefully exciting and – above all – non-academic way.

The book is currently being translated to English and will come out next year.

BT: Sitting in front of the computer is not the same as being in the studio.

Is your creative process different when you write?

Andreas: Not really, I try to follow what wants to come out.

It is a such an interesting and satisfying process, to set our intellectual, conscious mind aside, to silent our “I want” and open wide our arms and to gratefully receive what has been waiting for us.

BT: The music industry has changed so much over the last decade.

Music is everywhere, and it is “free”.

Has this in any way had an impact on your willingness to release music?

Andreas: No!


BT: As a longtime fan I know that improvisations are important to you, and it is also mentioned on the cover of “Quiet Places”.

Please tell us about how improvisation shaped this project.

Andreas: We are using the term “thematic improvisation” to describe this particular process of creating music.

No specific form with defined sequences is “composed”.

Through collective improvisation short melodic-rhythmic anchor points are developed and loosely set, to which we then can refer in an improvisation.

Whole parts can thus evolve spontaneously.

A piece will therefore always be different, every time it is played, and yet it still contains some parts that sound familiar.

This has always been my way of working.

BT: I understand that “Quiet Places” and “Reflections of Venus” is a part of a trilogy.

Tell us about that.

Can we expect new music anytime soon?

And do you see yourself writing more fiction?

Andreas: Working on the album and the novel was going hand in hand and one was a source of inspiration for the other.

I wouldn’t say though, that “Quiet Places” was consciously created as the soundtrack of the novel.

But during these years after 2010 I also painted a lot at the same time as other music has been created, for about three more albums, which we will release in the coming years.

So…you see, while it seemed very quiet on the outside, I was very busy.

I feel like a big ship.

When it is brought to a halt, it requires enormous energy to bring it up to speed again.

So I make sure to never really stop.

That works great for me.

BT: Thank you so much Andreas for taking the time to answer these questions!

It is so great to have you back, and “Quiet Places” and the LIVE@HOME mini concerts are amazing.

In a year dominated by negative news, your comeback has made a huge difference for many of your fans.


For more information and music samples, visit vollenweider.com

Photo credit: René Ruis

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On October 8th we will celebrate the release of the new album QUIET PLACES as well as the book «Im Spiegel der Venus»* with concert and reading.


Isabel Gehweiler and Walter Keiser will be present and actor Christoph Gaugler will read excerpts from the book.


Besides our long time favorites there will be a lot of music from the new album live.


Therefore we have decided to postpone the Super-Mini-Concert #10 by two weeks to October 21st.


However, the performance will be recorded on video so that you can enjoy excerpts from it at the next mini-concert.





*The release date of the english translation of the novel «Reflections of Venus» will be communicated soon.


















Żródło: https://www.vollenweider.com/en

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Dziś swoje 67. urodziny obchodzi Andreas Vollenweider


Andreas Vollenweider (ur. 4 października 1953 w Zurychu) – szwajcarski muzyk, kompozytor i multiinstrumentalista.

Jego utwory są uznawane za różne rodzaje muzyki w tym world music, jazz, new age czy nawet muzykę poważną; dwa z jego albumów zajmowały pierwsze miejsce na liście Billboard równocześnie w kategoriach utworów poważnych, jazzowych i muzyki pop.

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picture by Beat Allgaier



















Żródło: https://www.facebook...ehweiler.cello/

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